The Catchrad Radiator Company

The Catchrad Radiator Company is a specialized manufacturer in designer radiators,tubular radiators and column radiators.We are one of the largest selection of designer radiators in China.With many years' experience to supply perfect radiators to domestic and market abroad.

Our name-Catchrad  is synonymous with quality and responsibility. It is very important to us that our customer should be completely satisfied with our products. We have been keeping on developing our range of radiators reflect the latest design trends and technical developments.

The entire manufacturing process is carried out in the original production site located at Tianjin(next to Bejing),in the highly productive city.The company premises,which include a new production unit,total 11,000 square meters.Although the company has invested heavily in manufacturing automation and software applications,it still relies on human resourse.

With a thrust towards the future Catchrad remains at the forefront of design,technology and quality…

We are committed to meeting your requirment by providing you with:

 ------Unbeatable service: to make your purchase smooth as possible as we can

-------Colour choice: radiator colour can be chosen in RAL colour range

-------Quality guaranteed: we only sourse high quality products with a minimum guarantee of 5 years on radiator

-------Speedy delivery normal order will be finished within 30 days

-------Product development: we supply 5 new designer products per year

-------Ideal package: the blister and carton also with plastic to protect the products during shipment


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